Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

Download Renee Undeleter 2013.2.28.0 Full Crack

Renee Undeleter 2013.2.28.0 Full Crack - Anda Sering mengalami masalah kehilangan file ? misalnya, beberapa lembar kerja penting / foto / video hilang? Jangan khawatir, tidak peduli file-file penting terhapus oleh kesalahan, atau dihapus setelah Anda membersihkan recycle bin atau disk / storage diformatRenee Undeleter 2013.2.28.0 Full Crack bisa membantu Anda memulihkan mereka dalam waktu singkat.

Key Features :
Recycle Bin Data Recovery
Generally, deleted files are kept in Windows Recycle Bin, which are recoverable. But if the Recycle Bin is cleaned, how to recover those files deleted by accident? Renee Undeleter could help you find those files easily.

Memory Card Data Recovery

Since memory card is easy to use and carry, it is used widely now. However, data in memory card can be lost by accident for various reasons. Don't worry, even if memory card has been formatted without any trace left, Renee Undeleter could still find them for you.

Support Formatted Data Recovery

If the whole disk has been formatted, can I recover those important documents? Don't worry, provided that no large amount of new data has been written in, Renee Undeleter could still recover disk data, and restore the disk to its pre-formatting status.
and much more...
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